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The estate’s flagship Cabernet Sauvignon is a study of the unique geology of our vineyard. We have identified within particular blocks and rows a handful of vines that consistently produce exceptional clusters within a vineyard that is already known for producing some of the highest quality grapes in Napa Valley. Selecting these grapes is like picking a favorite needle out of a stack of needles. 

These clusters are then fermented in barrel using native yeast with every attention to detail that one can expect from a completely hand made bottle of wine. After 20 months in French oak, the wine lays down in bottle for an additional 28 months before release.  Rich, layered and complex,  ALLUVIA exhibits a beautiful balance of elegance and opulence. This is winemaking in one of its purest forms. It's an expression of soil, minerality, climate and the tension between Old World restraint and the vibrancy of the fruit produced from this historic dry farmed vineyard in Calistoga. The seductive nature of this wine can only be achieved in small quantities as it has been created without compromise.

96 cases produced.

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